Is Cottage Cheese Gluten Free?

This is a question that has been in the minds of many people across the world especially now that Gluten has been on the spot for years now. It’s hard to visit any grocery today and miss to see some products with the label gluten-free. Many people are now switching to gluten-free foods after realizing the effects on their bodies and food suppliers too are coming up with food products that do not contain gluten. Sometimes people may take foods with gluten without knowing and others take it when they know as it may not have any health problem to them but are has some effects on some people.

What is this gluten?

Scientifically gluten is a combination of two proteins which give the shape of the food and hold them together as a glue. A good example is the plastic foods such as pasta and pizza which use gluten to hold the different combinations of various foods together. Gluten-free means that the food product with that label does not contain gluten and if you don’t take gluten due to some reasons that are the best food product for you. Currently, the food products in the market have the label thus you can easily tell which food items are gluten-free.

What are the foods with gluten?

Gluten is majorly present in starches like rye, wheat, and barley. That means if you find food products that contain wheat or barley then be sure gluten is present. Common foods that contain gluten include;

• Bread
• Ice cream
• Cold cuts
• French fries
• Soups and broths

There are also none-food products which contain gluten such as cosmetics and shampoos although the non-food items may not have the effect on people who don’t take gluten. You can now imagine how difficult it is for people who don’t take gluten for them to find foods that are gluten-free and safe for them to consume.

Why some people avoid taking foods with gluten?

There are people who their bodies are intolerant to gluten naturally thus they have no choice than to avoid intake of any food that contains gluten. A good example is the people suffering from Celiac disease who their digestion system find it hard to digest gluten in the small intestine due to an immune reaction. Once they take foods with gluten they start experiencing a lot of pain and severe discomfort. There are also some people who don’t have the celiac disease but just prefer to take gluten-free foods since it’s the lifestyle they have adopted.

Does cottage cheese contain gluten?

So finally, is cottage cheese gluten free? The cottage cheese is purely a dairy product thus it does not contain any gluten. Cottage cheese manufacturers use natural dairy products to make the product. However, there are some cottage cheese products that may contain cheese or any other modified starch and you should avoid them since they have gluten. It’s very hard to get popular cottage cheese brands with gluten but you should always check for the label and the ingredients before you purchase the cheese. Products keep changing and if your body has a problem with gluten be always keen to check the labels and gluten-free guarantee. The best way to take the precaution against the gluten foods is to shop at the boutique store that specializes in gluten-free products.

Conclusively, the gluten-free diet is not only important to the people suffering from Celiac disease but to anybody who will wish to avoid the gluten due to some reasons. The only solution available for gluten effects is to avoid the food products that contain the gluten.